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Riding along on the crest of a wave.

On Saturday I went to watch our local Gang Show. I’d been to watch them when I was younger, though when I was at the age I’d have enjoyed taking part they had a break from running them. We’d had the promotional material to encourage our Beavers to go and take part (the Beavers and Rainbows as the youngest cast members take part in the first half only) but for a variety of reasons none of our boys had taken the opportunity.

It was a thoroughly nice way to spend an afternoon. The show contained a mixture of musical numbers, a few dance numbers and some brief comedy sketches. I know that previously the shows have contained more acting and comedy, but the combination of writers and performers available meant this wasn’t to be.

I loved the mixture of the contemporary items such as a Lady Gaga routine, Fun’s We Are Young and of course a couple of Gagnam Style moments with some more traditional items including songs from the shows, a themed section featuring Tulips from Amsterdam and A Windmill In Old Amsterdam and of course the gang show staple Crest of a Wave.

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