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Bookshelf Love.

Over the last couple of months my bedroom has been completely redecorated for the first time in far too many years. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, I knew that I’d have to go through everything and get rid of a lot of the stuff I’d accumulate over the course of about 15 years – not a fun prospect. After 30 years my parents have got to know the sorts of things to do and say to encourage me to do things, and so I was promised brand new bookcases as part of the redecoration – suddenly the idea didn’t seem quite so awful.

I have done pretty much all the clearing out and I’ve been rewarded with a gorgeous room, new bed, and the promised bookcases. Last Thursday I was given custody of these bookcases, made to measure by my dad:

I took a look at the many boxes my books were temporarily residing in and knew that I needed to stop and make a proper plan of action – I only wanted to put the books on the shelves once, and I wanted to take advantage of having so much more shelf space and have my books in a nice, orderly manner.

I ended up making lots of piles of books on the floor:


(this all made sense in my brain).

And then I started to fill the shelves. For the big bookcase I started by putting the adult hardbacks and trade paperbacks on the top shelf (split into fiction and non-fiction) and the adult paperbacks on the next 2 rows of shelves.


The children’s and young adult books then went onto the same 2 rows of shelves, I put them in front of the adult because I know I’m less likely to want to refer to the adult fiction.


The third row got the tv tie-in fiction, again double stacked, and has the one empty shelf at the moment – my library books are currently sitting it in but I know that won’t last! The bottom row got two shelves of my film and tv reference books, and then my random non-fiction.



The smaller bookcase got custody of my unread books – that’s the top two rows. The bottom left is my graphic novels and the bottom right is my slowly growing writing reference book collection.


I know that when I work my way through my unread books I’m going to have to have a rethink. I’ve already got a couple of ideas, though it should be a good few weeks before I’m having to put them into practice!

9 thoughts on “Bookshelf Love.

  1. Argh!!!! I love it – so much PRETTY! Great blogpost, I approve of all the shiny books. Oh those shelves!! ❤

  2. I love seeing peoples bookshelves and these are awesome. Does your dad want to come and make me some! hehe. Enjoy your new room and new bookcases Jenni!

    1. Thank you! I’ve asked him but apparently he doesn’t fancy any more shelf making any time soon… Think they were plenty for him!

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