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Libraries, the great enablers.

I just popped to my local library to collect two book reservations I had waiting. This was what I came home with:


The two books at the top are the ones I’d gone for, the rest are just books I couldn’t bring myself to resist. This was me being restrained – I put just as many back on the shelves! It’s okay though, my TBR bookcase does have an empty shelf, and my Kindle is down to a mere 50 or so unread books…

4 thoughts on “Libraries, the great enablers.

  1. I can’t manage to leave a library empty-handed and I have this massive stack of books myself, no matter that I have hundreds of books unread on my own shelves!

    Looks like you got some great books though šŸ™‚ I LOOVE Naked. And I really want to read Pea’s Book!

    1. We can take out twelve too (I can remember clearly the day I graduated to an adult ticket rather than a child’s that only allowed 6 books).

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