Book Review

Book Review : The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman.

TinyWifeA thief charges into a bank with a loaded gun, but he does not ask for money; what he asks for, instead, is the object of greatest significance currently in the possession of each patron. The thief then leaves, and the patrons all survive, but strange things soon begin to happen to them: One survivor’s tattoo jumps off her ankle and chases her around; another wakes up to find that she’s made of candy; and Stacey Hinterland discovers that she’s shrinking, incrementally, a little every day, and nothing that her husband or son do can reverse the process.

The Tiny Wife is a fable about losing yourself in circumstances and finding yourself in the the love of another.

I think this novella is one of the most quirky things I’ve read in a long time. It’s naturally a quick read, it’s 80 pages long, but the author fits so much story into them that I found myself thinking about it long after I’d finished reading. I’m still not entirely sure I’ve absorbed it all, I think this is going to be one of those books that is a real pleasure to return to and read again and find a whole new layer each time.

The book is narrated by Stacey’s husband, he begins by telling the story of the robbery that sets off the story. He wasn’t there, he’s very clear on this, he’s simply repeating the story as he’s heard it. The robbery in itself is pretty strange – the idea of stealing items that have sentimental rather than material value makes for an interesting robbery indeed.

The ways the characters were affected after the robbery are all very imaginative, after the first couple are described I found myself wondering what would come next. Some of the end results made me feel really sad.#

I think this book is probably going to be one that polarises opinions. I can see how some people will absolutely love it and how it’ll leave other people cold. I can’t say that at the moment I fall entire either camp, I liked it but didn’t love it, but I think over time and with more thinking I’ll end up in the love camp.

The Tiny Wife is published by The Friday Project in the UK. Whilst I was provided with a review copy of the book all of the opinions expressed are my own.

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