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You’ll Never Believe A Man Can Fly by Lee Barnett.

A slightly different post today, I’m not going to be reviewing a book but instead introducing you to an exciting story serialisation that’s currently taking place.

Lee “Budgie” Barnett is currently serialising his novella You’ll Never Believe A Man Can Fly with a new post every week day. He started this last Monday (7th January) so the first five parts are all now on his blog along with the first piece of artwork from the book posted on Saturday. On top of this he’s also offering the entire novella as an eBook (formatted for ePub and Kindle) for just £4.99.

I love Budgie’s writing, it was his Fast Fiction Challenge that first led me to discover him a few years ago. The wonders of the internet meant I got to know him more over time and I was able to finally meet him in person at the Thoughtbubble comic con a couple of years ago. We chatted about You’ll Never Believe A Man Can Fly then, and he showed me the wonderful artwork that some brilliant artists had contributed to its original form. I knew he was hoping to do something new with the story so I’m thrilled that it’s come to fruition.

I’ve really enjoyed being able to read a new bit of the story each day, I will definitely be buying the eBook but not until the serialisation is finished – I don’t trust myself to not read the whole thing in one sitting if I buy it now!

Budgie’s introductory post to the book can be found here, and part one can be found here. I really recommend giving it a go.

And of course you can find the man himself on Twitter as @budgie.

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