Friday Photos [1] – Socks

I’m going to try my hand at the Friday Photos challenge again this year. The group description from Flickr:

A Flickr group posting photos every week but with a bit of a thematic challenge. The theme for the week will be posted here in discussions every Saturday throughout the year. Photos can then be posted up to and including the following Friday. Please encourage people to join, we’re a friendly bunch and all love looking at each other’s photos.

I haven’t had much success completing photo challenges before, I usually end up making it a few weeks in before forgetting for a couple of days and then giving up. I’m hoping that the weekly theme will help to jog my memory and get me through ’til the end of the year.

Week 1’s theme is Socks. I wanted to try and think of something a little imaginative but failed, so here are my 3 pictures for the theme.

Why not think about joining the group and the fun?

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