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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2013.

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature created by The Broke and the Bookish so that bloggers can share lists of bookish things.


This year I’ve decided to take part in Top Ten Tuesday as often as I can. There are lots of book related memes and this is the one that I find most interesting when I see it on other blogs so thought it was time I took part. This week the focus is on bookish goals, I’ve already set a few reading goals in my review of the books I read in 2012, so here’s the list expanded to 10.

  1. Read 180 books – I read 163 last year so thought I’d try and increase my target a little.
  2. Read more books by authors who aren’t from the UK or USA – I made a conscious effort to read more books by British authors last year and ended up with 93% of the books being written by authors from the UK or USA so this year I wanted to increase the numbers of books by authors from different countries too.
  3. Read more picture books – when it was time this year to nominate books for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal I realised this was an area I still didn’t know much about, I read all of the picture books discussed at the Wales Youth Library Group nominations day and loved them so this year I plan to read more. I think I might do a monthly post about the picture books I’ve read.
  4. Read more graphic novels – I love graphic novels and comics but am really bad at prioritising them to read, I’m having some new bookcases in a few weeks and I’ll be able to have my graphic novels in the same place as my books at last.
  5. Read at least one non-fiction book each month – last year I pledged to do this and managed it for about 4 months. I have some great non-fiction books on my shelves waiting to be read so this year I’m determined to make it last all year.
  6. Be better at giving up – I’m trying to be better about giving up on books I’m not enjoying but it is still really hard, last year I only had two books that I didn’t finished but there are a few I really should have given up on.
  7. Read the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medal shortlists – last year I shadowed the Carnegie shortlist and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, this year I want to shadow both shortlists.
  8. Use the library more – I’m going to use the library more this year to work through books on my wishlist, it’s good for libraries and good for my pocket.
  9. Talk about books more – I’m going to try and talk more about books with more people, there are some people I talk about books with all the time so I’m going to try and do this more often.
  10. Keep up with reviews – this year I want to be really organised and keep my blog up to date with reviews rather than getting into a situation where I have a towering pile of books waiting to be reviewed.

Do you have any bookish goals for 2013?

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2013.

  1. What wonderful goals, the very best of luck for them. E has given up on picture books now, but the Littlest still loves them. I’m hoping that he wants to read them for a very long time to come, because I quite like reading them to him.

    And ooh, graphic novels. It’s always in the back of my mind to read more of those too. If only I knew where to start and if only my local library had a better selection..

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