Blasts from the Past.

I’ve spent the last few weeks clearing through the years and years worth of stuff I’ve accumulated throughout high school and one and a half degrees. It’s the kind of job I usually hate, I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature so having to be brutal and throw things away tends to make me a bit miserable. This time it hasn’t been so bad, there’s a lot of stuff I’ve actually been glad to get rid of and there have been other things I’ve loved rediscovering. Yesterday I made my favourite discovery yet – a photo collage I’d made for my wall when I was waiting to start uni (the first time round).


I can’t remember exactly what my reasoning was behind making it, I think it might have been to do with this being a way to have fewer things to actually stick up on the wall (remembering how many things I plastered my walls with over the years I think this was a false impression). Looking back at it has made me smile a lot. There are some things I’m not entirely sure of; why did I add pictures from Toy Story 2, Shrek and the Simpsons? why did I include Michael Greco despite having never watched Eastenders? who are some of the more random guys? and just how did Charlie Hunnam go from cute to hot?

Since finding this I found myself wondering what had happened to Daniel MacPherson (top left corner, picture from his days as Joel in Neighbours). Turns out he followed the same path as Charlie Hunnam and has also made the transition from cute to hot, and took the lead in a short lived Australian period drama about bushrangers Wild Boys that sounds right up my street. I wonder what some of the other not household name faces have ended up doing.

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