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New Doctor Who homeware? Yes please!

I was very excited (and my bank balance very worried) to see news of the new Doctor Who homeware range that’s being launched. The Doctor Who Home range is going to be sold by the BBC’s online shop and Selfridges later in the year, it’s made up of tableware and stationery – two of my favourite things!

I’ve got my eye on these notebooks:

Image from Design Week.

This teapot:

Photo from The Doctor Who Site.

And this pack of notebooks for starters:

Photo from The Doctor Who Site.

I’m also keen to see some of the products that I haven’t seen pictured yet like the apron and the set of mugs (though I assume that will be the same as the set of espresso cups, just mug sized). The Doctor Who Site has two posts featuring more of the range here and here, and Design Week also has a post devoted to it here though you have to ignore the inaccuracies it contains!

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