Gluten Free

Pizza Galore.

Margherita pizza served ready to eat.
Photo by Navin Rajagopalan.
My gluten free life has just got easier. Three major chains in the UK have announced that they are adding gluten free pizza to their menus. Up until now Bella Italia have been the only chain offering pizza but my experience of it has been pretty poor – it’s a very thin base which becomes very hard and crispy when cooked.

Prezzo now give the option of a gluten free base on all of their 13 classic pizzas. They offer a good range of toppings in this range, I’m looking forward to visiting so I can try their Bianca pizza that includes goats cheese and grilled courgettes.

Pizza Hut will be offering a pizza base that meets the No Gluten Containing Ingredients (NGCI) accreditation from this Monday (8th October). They’ve worked with Coeliac UK to develop the base and to develop a training scheme for all members of staff so that they know how to eliminate cross contamination of the gluten free bases and sauces. They’ve also made all pizza toppings gluten free which is a sensible move – no gluten eating people will be affected by this but it means that everything’s safe to go onto any pizza and eliminates the possibility of any mistake.

Best of all in my opinion is the news that from the beginning of November Domino’s will be offering a gluten-free accredited product. They’ve also worked with Coeliac UK to develop their product and training for staff. One of the things I’ve missed the most is being able to order a pizza for a night in with friends for example. I’m keeping everything crossed that this pizza lives up to expectations and life becomes just that little bit more normal again.

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