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How Do You Use Yours?

Image of iPad.
Photo from JaredEarle.
Ever since the iPad was first announced I’ve wanted one, I can clearly remember having a conversation with a friend just after the first press conference. Two years have passed and I’ve seen more and more people using them in more and more ways and I’m still turning a distinct shade of green.

I’ve been thinking about them a lot in recent weeks (I do have a tendency to obsess a little over gadgets), I have attended two sessions run by Bev Humphrey and been wowed by some of the things that she’s demonstrated as part of these sessions. I’ve sat next to people at conferences and been impressed with how they’ve been using their iPads. They’re not cheap though so I definitely can’t justify buying one at the moment but I have a zero birthday coming at the end of the year so there are possibilities in the not too distant future. The question that I’m trying to answer at the moment though is whether I really want one for the right reasons and will use it lots, or whether actually I’m coveting one because I’m a bit of a gadget magpie. I have had my iPhone for 18 months now and I adore it and use it lots, so I think I can see ways that an iPad would be a useful addition to my life.

So I’m turning this over to you, I know lots of you have iPads and I’d love to know what you think of yours – How are you using it? What apps can’t you live without? Has the shine worn off after a while or do you still use it as much as always?

4 thoughts on “How Do You Use Yours?

  1. I too don’t have an ipad but I do covet one! I do use one of our work ones to familiarise myself with it so as to be able to help student and staff users when they inevitably come with the questions. Because it’s an work one I am restricted by the apps used by work. However! I use it at meetings, events, conferences etc to take notes. I’ve found it surprisingly easy to type on. I also use the calendar function along with alarms to keep me on track. I mainly use it to connect to the internet. I run two work twitter accounts and this enables me to monitor both. Equally it is a means of accessing both my work email and the lrc email, otherwise I would have to keep logging in and out of separate accounts on the pc. For work I’ve made home page icons from the bookmarked URLs for the LMS catalogue, North Wales Partner library catalogues so I can roam the LRC and still help people without being tied to the desk. I can also show them how to search and find stuff easily and quickly as accessing via the wifi allows us to bypass the blocks put on social networking sites on the college network. When I do get my shiny new ipad I will be downloading the “office” suite of apps and also downloading a lot of the apps Bev recommended. Plus ebooks, games, newspapers, the list is endless. Just so you know, about 18 months ago, I was adamant I would never get an ipad. Seeing how Bev uses hers, and using my loaner at work has reversed that decision. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I use my iPad for surfing the net, reading books (Kindle App), emailing, social networking, as a notebook (especially useful on courses and conferences), games, educational games in the classroom, video and normal camera (quality not amazing but I think it will be better with the New iPad), Internet shopping, eBay, watching tv (iplayer, 4od, Netflix, etc), easy access to work documents (e.g. Ofsted and pupil data). It really is great!

  3. I love my iPad for the Kindle app most of all, I think. When I got it I realised that having your photos on it is the closest thing, digitally, to flicking through a packet of photos from the developer. I play games, check Facebook and read news on it. Oh, the international
    BBC iPlayer is great. So is streaming d/loaded movies & tv shows for watching wherever you please. Facetime on the iPad is great coz my husband is away a lot.

    I don’t use it for writing. I find it annoying to write on the keyboard. A lot of people think it’s good enough a substitute for a laptop but I don’t feel that way.

    But, I think you’d love it if you had one. You’d find plenty of uses for it, I’m sure. 🙂

  4. I use it all. the. time. Seriously. I was a bit sceptical of whether I really needed one or whether I was just wanting one out of a case of gadget lust, but it’s repaid its cost over and over I’m sure. I use it constantly instead of my laptop for checking emails and basic internetting – facebook and twitter and the like – it’s just so much more convenient to grab and use for five minutes while sitting on the sofa rather than picking up the laptop/waiting for windows to boot. I catch up with my RSS feeds almost exclusively on the iPad because the app I use for them (Reeder) is just so much easier on the eye than google reader. In fact I now use my laptop pretty much just for more intensive work like writing or photoshop, and the iPad for all the rest.

    The reason I did decide to succumb and buy one was because I was due to take two pretty big trips for work last year – to a conference and my Travelling Librarian trip – and thought it would be better to take than my laptop which is, in the manner of many laptops now, not really all that portable. It was a godsend on both these trips – taking notes and blogging, as well as keeping in touch and then things like loading it up with TV episodes to watch on the plane (so much easier on the eyes than those teeny tiny airplane screens).

    I would wholeheartedly recommend it – I wouldn’t be without mine now.

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