Libraries · University

Placement Day 10.

Today was spent at the base all day but it was filled with lots of interesting things. The first half of the morning was spent in a meeting where the team started to put together the business plan for the next year. I didn’t really have anything to contribute to this but it was interesting to hear about how these plans get drawn up and how they fit together in the wider picture.

A lot of the rest of the day was spent with the stock manager who has the oversight for the stock across all of the public libraries in the local authority. He runs the stock management unit that shares the building with the schools’ library service, it was great to find out more about what they do. I was able to link what he was saying in with what I’d learnt in my Collection Management module, and it was nice to be able to ask questions about what I’d learnt and to get a better understanding of some of the issues around collection management. He also showed me a stock management system that they use called SmartSM, this appealed so much to my geeky statistics loving brain.

Today’s sorting job that I did was to put the fairytale and mythology books back into order. I enjoyed this because it meant I had the opportunity to see the sorts of children’s books there are in this area which is one that interests me a lot.

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