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Placement Day 9.

This morning when I arrived at the office my supervisor put me straight to work checking a long list of books to see if they were eligible to make it onto the longlist for the teen book award that is run in the county. I enjoyed doing this, the criteria are pretty simple – the book must have been first published in the UK within a specified year (runs November – October), must be suitable for readers aged 11 – 14 and must not be a sequel. There were a few books where I had to do a bit of investigating, Amazon’s increasing tendency to import US releases does muddy the water quite often. There were also books that I discovered were being republished so they couldn’t qualify. The list as it stands is looking quite healthy and I’ve found over the course of the day that I’ve thought of books that I know should be added to the list – I think the committee who will have to narrow it down to the longlist will have plenty to discuss at their meeting!

I also was given the opportunity to help with the selection of another project box, this time on the topic of China for year 7 (11 – 12 year olds). This was a different process to last week’s box, we found an existing box that had been made up for the topic, checked to see how suitable its contents were for the target group and substituted a couple of books. There are more requests now coming in for project boxes so next week I should get to do more of this. I’m looking forward to this, it should be a good opportunity to extend my knowledge of non-fiction, what’s suitable for what age group, and Dewey (we use Library of Congress in the university libraries I work in so my Dewey knowledge is worryingly poor).

I finished the morning by putting together an initial suggestion of a session plan for the public libraries who will be holding Reception class visits for the Booktime pack when it’s launched. The books that will be included in the pack have now been announced though the resources to go with them aren’t on the website yet so I had to be rather vague. It’s definitely a starting point that can be used when they have the planning meeting though.

This afternoon was spent at a meeting for the teen book award. It was mainly agreeing things about the organisation of the next award, a lot of these discussions came out of the discussions that had taken place in the meetings I’d attended in my first week so it was really good to have seen both ends of the discussion and to see how my supervisor negotiated representing all the views that we’d heard on some of the issues. It’s very interesting getting to see behind the scenes of a book award, there’s even more to the organisation than I’d imagined and there are issues to be dealt with (like schools’ attitudes to some new technologies) that were quite unexpected.

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