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Placement Day 8.

I’d been looking forward to today for a while, I finally got to go out on the mobile library and visit a school. I’ve loved everything I’ve done so far but I was very aware that I hadn’t experienced this side of the Schools Library Service yet. Since I was a little girl I’ve always thought mobile libraries are magical so it was great to be able to go on one.

It turned out not to be the busiest school visit, there had been a breakdown in communications which meant the individual class teachers didn’t know we were going until today so four out of the seven classes chose to keep their books until the next visit rather than struggle to find them all at such short notice. Of the three classes that did visit one sent a single member of staff to choose all of their books and the other two sent a member of staff with four children. I got to help the children to choose their books (each one had a set number to pick) and then to issue them all.

It was a really enjoyable way to spend the morning, seeing how enthusiastic and excited the children all were about books and reading was wonderful. I quickly realised however that whilst my YA book knowledge is now pretty good I have huge gaps in my knowledge of fiction for younger children, I’m going to have to make a concerted effort over the next year to read more widely across children’s fiction. Top of my list will be Jacqueline Wilson, Jeff Kinney, Jeremy Strong, Andy Stanton and David Walliams – both groups of children asked for books by all of these authors.

This afternoon I learnt how to do the admin that is generated by a school visit and how to sort the bus ready to go out again. Then I tidied the picture books for older children back into alphabetical order before helping out with shelving the key stage 1 and 2 fiction – I think this is going to be a job that carries on through part of next week as there is a lot to do!

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