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Placement Day 7.

I’ve had such a great day today. I started the day by meeting with the Service Development Coordinator for Young People and finding out more about what she did. Her role’s really interesting, since she was appointed she’s been able to develop the role herself and she’s a very dynamic and enthusiastic lady so she’s involved with some really exciting projects aimed at engaging young people.

Following this I was let loose on the Key Stage 3 / teen room. There was plenty of fiction that needed shelving but the shelves were close to bursting so I started off by weeding the collection. I was pretty intimidated by of weeding, particularly the idea that I might put something to be removed that should really stay. The rules were quickly laid down though, the collection held a lot of multiple copies both of books that had been on the Carnegie Medal shortlist and books that had been on the local teen book award shortlist and so depending on their age these were reduced to 2, 4 or 6 copies. With these guidelines I was soon well away, I think it was easier because they weren’t my books though there were a couple of titles that were written by authors I love – it was a little harder to add these to the pile. Once I’d finished the weeding I was shown how to withdraw the books from stock, another thing to put in the Things I’ve Learnt column.

The other thing I got to do today was to put up a project box. The Schools Library Service makes up hundreds of these boxes for loan, they keep a stock of the popular ones and then make up any newly requested ones. The one I made up was for an activity day about languages, they’d requested a box of books in a range of languages. It was really good to have a go at making up a box, the stock of books to choose from was reasonably small so I didn’t have too much choice but it was still good to have to think about the age range of the children attending the activity day and finding books that could interest all of them.

I came home this evening having really enjoyed my day. It was great to be given tasks to do and complete fairly independently and to feel like I’m actually contributing.

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