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Placement Day 6.

Today was spent at the office, it was during afternoon tea that we realised it was actually the first afternoon I’d spent in the building – all the others have been spent in meetings at schools or on courses. I spent the morning unpacking more project boxes, discharging the books and shelving them. It was really nice to be given a proper task to do and to be able to be left to get on with it. The majority of the books were, like last week, picture books so I had great fun discovering some lovely looking books. My favourite moment though was when I pulled these two books out of a box together:

The afternoon was spent with my supervisor at the placement, rather than overwhelm me last week with details and information about the services they provide she kept some back for today. I’m building up a better idea of the wide range of things that a schools library service does. I also took the opportunity to ask about academies – I’ve heard them mentioned quite a lot but hadn’t got a clue what an academy was or how it differed from a regular school so it was good to get this clear in my head.

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