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Placement Day 5.

After a great first week I was really looking forward to getting back to my placement today. It was another atypical day, I got to attend a course run by the School Library Association (SLA) called The Effective School Library. It covered two key areas – Information literacy progression and assessment, and Key management skills.

The morning’s information literacy focus was really interesting as we did our core information literacy module in the most recent semester of teaching. I could really relate what I had learnt in my lectures to what was being talked about today, it was good to see how it could be applied in the real world. The module had to cover information literacy as a broad topic, it was something I found really interesting and I now plan to read more about information literacy work being done in schools.

I wasn’t sure before the course how useful the afternoon on management skills would be, of course it was really useful. I couldn’t always evaluate my own skills easily at the various points we were looking at skillsets, though I could reflect on how I’d done things in my previous career. I now have a list of skills that I can see I need by the time I’m applying for my first library job, whilst I have some of them already there are definitely areas I can improve.

I’m compiling a list of things to read and follow up on after I’ve finished my placement. Over the course of today I think this list doubled – at the rate I’m going I’ll have things to keep me occupied right through until the start of term in late September. One thing I’ll be doing sooner rather than later though is joining the SLA, I think it’ll be really useful for this next year.

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