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Placement Day 4

The final day of my first week on my placement has been spent on another day out. The venue today was Peters Books in Birmingham, they specialise in supplying children’s books and furniture to schools and libraries. They were hosting a members day for the School Library Association (SLA), the focus was on eBooks.

The morning was spent learning about eBooks, devices you can read eBooks on, and interactive book related apps for tablets. I particularly enjoyed watching the demonstrations of some of the apps, even if if did only strengthen my longing for an iPad! We were also given an introduction to the new eBooks platform that Peters are offering, it sounded very interesting so I now need to look into the other eBook platforms on offer to libraries so I can compare them.

After lunch the AGM of the Midlands branch of the SLA was held, it was interesting to be able to contrast this with the AGM I attended last weekend of the national side of the SLA. Following this there was an opportunity to browse Peters’ showroom, I was very good though and didn’t take advantage of the discount that was on offer.

It’s been a really good first week, eBooks and eResources have definitely dominated the week. I already have a list of things I need to read up on and learn about, I think I’ll be busy far past the end of the four weeks.

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