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Placement Day 2.

Today’s placement was a more conventional introduction day, it started with a tour of the building that the Schools’ Library Service (SLS) share with the Stock Management team. I was very excited to see the mobile library van parked outside when I arrived, since I was tiny I’ve always been entranced by the idea of a mobile library so I’m looking forward to the two days I’ll be spending on it later in the month.

Following the tour and the introductions to all the members of staff for both teams it was time to go through the timetable that’s been drawn up for my four weeks and to learn about the structure of the service and how it fits into the bigger picture. There’s some really good stuff on the timetable, a couple of training days that sound really interesting, the trips on the mobile van and all sorts of project based work at the base. They’ve also highlighted a couple of pieces of work that they want me to help out with – reshelving a lot of the key stage 3 books which are kept in a completely separate room so they can’t get mixed in with the books that go out to the primary schools and helping to collate the newsletter.

The rest of the morning was spent helping to unpack project boxes that have been returned, discharging the books and shelving them. It was really nice to be able to get stuck into doing something I knew and understood, and to feel like I was being useful. It was made more enjoyable because the books were all picture books, I love picture books but don’t spend much time looking at them – I had to resist the temptation to read so many of them!

The afternoon was spent at a termly meeting between all of the school librarians who are based in the south of the county. It was really interesting to see the kinds of things they were discussing and considering, it was good to be able to put some of the things I’ve learnt about this year into context and to start to think about the way things work in the real world.

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