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Placement Day 1.

Today I started the four week placement that forms the bulk of one of my third year modules. I’m spending it with the local School’s Library Service (SLS), I’m really looking forward to learning about what they do and getting to experience it. I have a very rudimentary understanding of the service they provide so I’m sure discovering the full range of roles they play will be really enlightening.

I’m planning on blogging my way through the placement with the hope this will give myself a record of what I do which should help me write the presentation that’s part of the assessment for module, allow me to reflect on what I’m doing and learning (‘cos I’m so good at sticking to reflective writing) and let people who are interested see what I’m getting up to.

Today was a slightly unconventional start as the SLS had organised a training day provided by JCS Online, introducing a range of eResources that schools were able to subscribe to. There were school librarians from secondary schools, primary schools, middle schools and one from a public library. Both state and private schools were represented, the split was around 70-30. Over the course of the day we had brief introductions to ten different eResources and both the morning and afternoon break were 30 minutes long to give us opportunities to have a go with the resources ourselves.

I found it really interesting seeing what resources were out there and the ways they could be used, there were some that I could relate to as they were similar to resources I use on a regular basis at university and there were some that were completely new to me – one in particular I think I’d use loads just for personal interest / reading. I was pleased to straight away be able to relate some of my learning to what I was seeing, particularly from my Information Retrieval and Information Literacy lectures. It was also really interesting chatting to the librarians that were there. I was a little surprised by the range of attitudes towards eResources, and also who had what approach – I definitely got a good reminder about judging books by their covers!

Tomorrow I will have my formal introduction to my placement and get my timetable for what I’ll be doing each day of the placement. I know there are another couple of day courses, I’m excited to find out what else they have in store for me.

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