Things Before 30

Things Before 30 – May.

These posts seem to be getting later rather than earlier, but better late than never at all I reckon.

14. Listen to at least one new (to me) band a month.
According to my trusty list this month I listened to both Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton who I’ve already mentioned in this post. I’m really enjoy the music that they both produce and I think they’ll be artists I’ll listen to for years to come.

Thanks to their appearance in a Christmas episode of The West Wing I also gave The Whiffenpoofs a try. The album I listened to was fun though I enjoyed the songs that appeared in The West Wing episode more. Finally I listened to a couple of albums by Elbow, every time I hear them sing One Day Like This on a compilation I love I think I ought to listen to more of them and so I finally did. I was a bit underwhelmed really, nothing grabbed me as much as One Day Like This always does.

19. Watch one as yet unwatched classic movie a month.
Last month’s classic movie featured an Avenger, and this month’s film featured another. Jeremy Renner has become my latest actor to obsess over so I started with The Hurt Locker. I was warned it was a highly stressful viewing experience, and this was definitely the case. Normally when I settle down to watch a film I really dislike stopping midway through for anything but I was very glad to stop and make a cuppa so I could catch my breath. I thought it was an excellent film and one I’ll definitely watch again, though only when my blood pressure’s good and low.

22. Try out a new recipe once a month.
This month I baked a gluten free version of this Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake after seeing Stella and Helen both make it. It was pretty easy to make, made the whole house smell lovely whilst it baked, and tasted really really good. The moist nature of the cake meant that it stood up to the gluten free flour really well. I think this is a recipe I’ll be making again and again.

27. Read one non-fiction book every month.
This month I read Nurse! Nurse! by Jimmy Frazier, it’s a memoir by a chap who decided to train to become a nurse a little later in life. It covers the three years of his training, from the application process to completing the course. I found it to be a really interesting read, I think the mixture of anecdotes and personal reflections was well balanced. There were lots of bits that made me laugh, a couple that made me cry, and some that have left me thinking about them long after I finished reading.

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