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The London 2012 Torch Relay.

The Olympic Torch is in Wales at the moment on its journey around the UK. It arrived in Aberystwyth yesterday evening and this morning headed off on its way to Bangor where it is spending tonight. I live a little north of Aberystwyth so it was wonderful this morning to see the torch taking the route I use every time I go into town. I went to see the torch in Tre-Taliesin, watching its final leg before it was transported by coach to Machynlleth.

This lady was the torch bearer:

According to the website she is Caroline Orrells from Newton, her bio is here. The rest of the photos I took are on my Flickr here.

It was very quiet where I watched it compared with some of the images I’ve seen, but for me it was no less impressive. I’ve been looking forward to the Olympics coming to the UK for ages now, and seeing the torch for real was I think the thing that really brought it home to me that it’s really happening. I loved as well knowing that my parents and some friends have already watched the torch go past, and more family members and friends will see it in the weeks to come – we’re all scattered across England and Wales, but we’re all sharing this experience.

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