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Lovely Day.

I’ve had such a lovely day today. By many peoples’ standards it’s probably been pretty quiet but it’s been filled with so many things that have made me happy.

It started off with a double episode of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes which I’m currently watching to help stave off my Avengers Assemble obsession (though it’s just over a week until my chance to see it for a fourth time). This episode saw my new favourite Hawkeye getting to do stuff so it was a welcome surprise.

Then there was lots and lots of writing. I have failed miserably over the last few months to do any writing, but now I’m in that quiet period after all my uni work’s done and before I head back to my parents for the summer break I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Over the last couple of days I was starting to make headway and then today something clicked into place and I managed just under 5,500 words and passed the 10,000 overall words mark which was really pleasing.

In one of my breaks between writing spells I took my camera out into the garden to take a few photos of the beautiful clematises (clematii?) and spotted the odd insect flying around so took the chance to have a go at taking some macro pictures of things that are actually alive. This is one of them, it links to the set on my Flickr.

Whilst I was writing I tried a new singer on for size, I’ve been listening to a lot of Miranda Lambert in the last couple of weeks after falling in love with Gunpowder and Lead on American Idol. I looked to see who was doing the harmonies on her track Better In The Long Run and discovered it was her husband, fellow country star Blake Shelton. I’ve listened to a couple of his albums today and really liked what I heard, including this country take on Michael BublĂ©’s Home that features Lambert on harmonies.

On top of all of these things it was sunny, though nowhere near as hot as most of the UK which was pleasing, and this afternoon finished with me reading a great book in the garden with tea and bara brith. So many little things all pulling together to leave me feeling completely happy and content with the day.

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