End of Year Thoughts.

I’ve finished year 2 of my degree today. It feels pretty strange to type that, I can’t quite believe how quickly it’s come. The first year went pretty quickly but the second has flown by, if this continues then year 3 will finish tomorrow!

I started out at the beginning of the year trying to reflect on a weekly basis about what I was learning and how things were going. I wasn’t very good at keeping that up, the slightly odd structure of my timetable that meant some weeks I had contact with all four modules I was sitting, some with three of them and some with just two meant it felt a bit odd. And missing the odd lecture here and there through being unwell didn’t help things at all.

I’ve taken a total of seven modules over the year, five core modules that are determined by the degree programme and two option modules of my choice. I’ve submitted 3 essays, 7 reports, a resource guide, and a website with a total word count of around 28,500 and I’ve sat 2 exams.

I’ve learnt things that have interested me, and things that have left me a bit bored, things that I’m sure I’ll use on a regular basis once I’m working and things I’m sure I’ll never think about again. I’ve also managed to decide on the path I want to take when I finish this degree, and have felt increasingly motivated by knowing where I’m going.

Year 3 starts early, in a few weeks in fact, when I go on a four week placement with a Schools Library Service. I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to experience such a different sort of library role, I think it’s going to be four weeks full of learning. The rest of the summer will be spent thinking about my dissertation, coming up with ideas and reading around them so I’m ready for the workshops we’ll do during Freshers Week in September. I’m really excited by the prospect of the dissertation, I wonder how long that will last!

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2 thoughts on “End of Year Thoughts.

  1. Wow. That really takes me back. It seems ages since I got my teaching degree. I can’t imagine writing essays again and yet I write all day. Well done on getting through Year 2. xx

    1. Thanks. I think whilst I was writing this post that I finally worked out why my creative writing has been so slow for so long now, I’ve been using up all my words!

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