Things Before 30

Things Before 30 – April.

It was only as I started to write this post that I realised we’re a whole third of the way through the year. Looking at the non-monthly things on the list there’s a few I’m close to being able to cross off but there are some I definitely need to start thinking about.

14. Listen to at least one new (to me) band a month.
I listened to a few different artists for the first time this month. I came across Audra Mae via the tv show Sons of Anarchy, one of her songs has had such an effect on me that it gets its own post tomorrow. I have discovered that I like her music, but the song she did for Sons of Anarchy is by far my favourite of hers. I also gave The Civil Wars a try, I loved their collaboration with Taylor Swift for Safe & Sound and when I saw my brother raving about them I knew I needed to give the rest of their music a try. I really liked what I heard, I think for me it’s definitely music for a very specific frame of mind but that’s never a bad thing.

I can’t quite remember how I came to try Adam Crossley, I think it was probably a Spotify similar artists thing. His stuff was okay but I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to any more of it. Darius Rucker on the other hand was a very welcome discovery, he features a couple of times on the Obama 2012 Campaign playlist on Spotify, I tried his album and loved it. I only found out after listening and loving his stuff that he’s the front man from Hootie & The Blowfish, I think May might be the time I finally give them a listen too.

19. Watch one as yet unwatched classic movie a month.
This month’s film was a bit of a last minute thing, the end of April crept up on me all of a sudden and whilst I’d been very efficient and done all of the other monthly activities on my list early on in the month I’d forgotten to ask for this month’s film to watch. My first thought was to count The Avengers, I’d like to think that in years to come it could be considered a classic, but that didn’t feel entirely in the spirit of this list. So the nominated film was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I’ve owned it for ages but I haven’t managed to get round to seeing it. I loved the film, I thought it was funny and snarky, just what I want from a film.

22. Try out a new recipe once a month.
When my mom tore a recipe for gluten free lemon biscuits out of the newspaper I knew that would be the new recipe I tried during April. It was a very simple recipe, but the resulting biscuits were really good. So good in fact that when we’d only got a couple left I made another batch, though with a couple of modifications to the recipe to see if very good could become great. I didn’t quite reach great with them, but I think the next time I make them with one tweak undone they will more than likely get there.

27. Read one non-fiction book every month.
I bought Tune In Tokyo: The Gaijin Diaries by Tim Anderson when it was one of Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals, it sounded like it could be a funny read, the memoir of an American teaching English in Japan. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting from the book, but it wasn’t quite the read I wanted. It felt to me at times that the author couldn’t quite make up his mind what he was trying to achieve with the book and as a result it felt a bit patchy. There were definitely plenty of funny moments, but there were an equal number of moments that felt a little self indulgent and these fell rather flat. Definitely an okay book, but nothing more.

6 thoughts on “Things Before 30 – April.

  1. I really love this monthly updates of your goal. Even though it reminds me that I’ve done very little for my before I’m 30 list 🙂

    1. Thanks! Every month when I do this bit I remember there are 26 other things on my list that I haven’t given much thought to yet 😉

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