Week in Pictures – Weeks 17 and 18.

This year I’m taking part in two photography challenges, a Photo a Day one and a themed Photo a Week. Each week I’ll blog a slideshow of this week’s photos.

Argh I can’t believe I haven’t posted a single thing here in a fortnight. I’ve been working pretty flat out on assignments over the last couple of weeks, I’m currently finishing the 5th one I’ll submit in the space of a fortnight so there hasn’t been a huge amount of brainspace left for blogging. But I wrote a load of posts on the train yesterday so things should get back to usual. Or maybe even better than usual.

So, the theme for the weekly photo in week 17 was Wildlife, I was a bit short of real living wildlife so I took pictures of the wildlife filled painting I see every time I open my bedroom door, and a penguin adorned cover of one of the many wildlife journals we have at work. The theme for week 18 was Clouds, I grabbed a quick snap of the clouds on Monday in case we didn’t have any more blue skies through the week and was surprised at how effective the picture was.

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