Week in Pictures – Weeks 14 and 15.

This year I’m taking part in two photography challenges, a Photo a Day one and a themed Photo a Week. Each week I’ll blog a slideshow of this week’s photos.

Anyone who can count will see that I’ve managed to fail my Photo a Day challenge. I missed a couple of days in week 14 for no good reason other than I completely forgot to take a photo. Hopefully I won’t forget again, but we’re not even close to the halfway stage so there’s every chance I will.

The theme for the weekly photo in week 14 was Games, I submitted two photos for this – one of some of the tiny Doctor Who game pieces I own (amongst other bits of Doctor Who memorabilia) and one of the many wooden puzzles that live in my parents’ house. The theme for week 15 was Easter, I managed to submit the full three pictures for this theme – a hot cross bun, the way I spent my Easter evening, and an eggcup that I received this year.

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