Things Before 30

Things Before 30 – March.

I can’t believe another month has been and gone, this one’s been pretty busy uni wise for me so I’m sure that’s why it feels like it’s flown by.

14. Listen to at least one new (to me) band a month.
This month’s new music came to me via Twitter. @fraserallan tweeted a link to his band Skyless’s EP, I gave it a listen and really liked what I was hearing. I’ve got it on my iPod now and am looking forward to listening to it lots more. You can give it a try here.

19. Watch one as yet unwatched classic movie a month.
After we both watched Paul McGann on The One Show, my film selector chose Withnail & I as this month’s film for me to catch up with. I’ve always been a little put off by the fact that everyone loves the film so much, what if I was the one who didn’t like it?! I’m pleased to say that my fears were unfounded, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am sure I’ll continue to do so for a long time.

22. Try out a new recipe once a month.
I had a real craving for coffee cake so I had a go at making some gluten free coffee cupcakes. I found a recipe and just switched the flour. They worked really well and were very tasty so I’m sure I’ll be baking them again. I also used them as an opportunity to try out my new icing bottles – I’ve tried using piping bags but for various reasons they don’t work for me, I was thrilled that the squeezy bottle worked and I managed my first ever piped finish to cakes.

27. Read one non-fiction book every month.
I saw Margaret Rhodes talking on the tv about her memoir The Final Curtsey and was intrigued by the fact she’d worked for MI5 during the war. A lot of the book covers her family life, she is cousin to Queen Elizabeth II and worked as a lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother. Her life has certainly been very full, and it makes for interesting reading. I’d like to have read a bit more about her time at MI5, but that’s just personal preference. I did find at times that the tone grated a little with me, I think this is probably to do with the different attitudes between the generations.

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