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Book Review : My Very UnFairy Tale Life by Anna Staniszewski.

“You know all those stories that claim fairies cry sparkle tears and elves travel by rainbow? They’re lies. All lies.”

Twelve-year-old Jenny has spent the last two years as an adventurer helping magical kingdoms around the universe. But it’s a thankless job, leaving her no time for school or friends. She’d almost rather take a math test than rescue yet another magical creature. When Jenny is sent on yet another mission, she has a tough choice to make: quit and have her normal life back, or fulfill her promise and go into a battle she doesn’t think she can win.

I saw this book on another book blog and loved the sound of it so I dashed off to NetGalley to request it. Within the first few pages I had a huge smile on my face, this book was just as much fun as I hoped.

The book begins by introducing us to Jenny mid- magical adventure. She’s spent the last couple of years popping off to various magical realms and solving the problems they’re facing. This current adventure sees her being chased by the unicorns she was trying to teach to share, as soon as she finishes the Committee want her to go off on yet another mission. Jenny’s getting pretty tired though, it’s hard being an adventurer and a 12 year old girl so when secrets get revealed she starts to question how much she wants to be an adventurer after all.

I liked Jenny, she’s an entertaining narrator who manages to juggle a lot of pressures pretty admirably. I liked the way that whilst she had these additional responsibilities she was still a realistic character, there was no super girl about her. She complained and moaned, and acted like I would expect a 12 year old to act. Some of the magical characters within the book are brilliant, I think my favourite had to be Anthony the sugar addict gnome. I think I’d like an Anthony in my life providing he’d be willing to share his never ending supply of sweet treats!

This book is full of really positive messages. There’s always a real risk with books like this that the messages they’re trying to send end up overtaking the plot, and the book ends up feeling like one great big PSHE lecture. My Very UnFairy Tale Life completely avoids this pitfall and instead is most definitely plot first and life lessons second.

I really hope that this book will be the first in a series, I’d love to read more about Jenny and her adventures and I think there’s plenty of scope for further books.

My Very UnFairy Tale Life is published in paperback by Sourcebooks Jaberwocky in the UK. Whilst I was provided with a review copy of the book via all of the opinions expressed are my own.

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