Book Review

Fiction Expresss Monday : Falling Backwards by Jenny Ryan – Chapter 5.

Voting has closed over at Fiction Express for this week, so here’s what I thought about the latest chapter of Falling Backwards. Please be aware there are spoilers ahead for the chapter.

I thought that with there being just two choices on the last vote I had quite a good chance of having voted for the winning option, but no the winning vote was that April/Leah and Efrain should hitch-hike back. I found this chapter quite a tense read, there’s so much that could go wrong for Leah and so much danger in the environment. This level of tension certainly makes for a gripping read, I was willing the chapter to be longer – I didn’t want to stop reading. I can’t decide whether Leah is making things better for April or not, I hope if she isn’t then Rosa will step in and help her!

For this week’s vote I chose that Leah should remain cooperative and go with the rebels. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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