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The Kindle – A Year On.

I said in my previous post about my Kindle that I would post again later in the year after I’d used it a bit more, I went on to forget all about that until I saw other people starting to post their thoughts in the run up to Christmas.

My major concern about the Kindle was how much I would actually end up using it. I loved the idea of it and the experience of using it initially but I was a little worried that it was just the novelty value and that after a couple of months it might have worn off. This definitely hasn’t been the case, so far this year (I’ve got a couple of books to go before the year’s end I reckon) I’ve read 100 novels. 40 of these were eBooks, 60 were physical books. A pretty high proportion of the physical books I read were books sent for review by publishers, if they had been books I was choosing myself I think I probably would have ended up reading more on my Kindle – there are currently around 50 books on there waiting for my attention. I did read some review books on my Kindle both using NetGalley and having books provided directly from the publisher.

After a year of using it my pros remain pretty much the same as they were after the first week of using it:

  • Being able to read books that would now be too big and / or heavy for me to hold is wonderful.
  • Only needing to throw my Kindle in my bag for weekends away means I’ve been travelling much lighter this year on my various trips away, and has meant my handbag is lighter to carry on a daily basis (I rarely go out without a book in my bag).
  • Whereas in my last post I’d only nearly missed my tube stop, on my next trip to London I did actually miss my tube stop, and the one after it, the one after that and the one after that one too.
  • The regular Kindle sales that Amazon holds have meant that I’ve been able to try new authors and new genres cheaply (and gone on to read more books by authors I’ve discovered that way). The same goes now for the Kindle Daily Deal offer.

But like I said, nothing’s perfect and my quibbles with the Kindle are:

  • There have been formatting issues in quite a number of the books I’ve read, I hope that this is something I’ll start to see less and less of – physical books wouldn’t get through the system with these sorts of issues.
  • It’s very easy to stockpile books without even thinking about it, like I said I have around 50 unread books on my Kindle at the moment and I think that figure would be far higher if I wasn’t watching my spends.
  • You can’t flick through the pages on a Kindle, when I write reviews I tend to flick through the book to find specific bits and I can’t do that with my Kindle. I’ve started making notes as I read instead which is actually making reviewing easier overall.

So overall my issues with my Kindle are all really minor. I’ve been so happy with my Kindle this year, I just wish there was some sort of commission scheme available – every train journey I’ve taken this year has ended up with me chatting with a fellow traveller and singing the Kindle’s praises. I’d have been quite happy to accept commission in Amazon credit!

5 thoughts on “The Kindle – A Year On.

  1. Great post – I completely agree with this and have had many of the same experiences, including ‘selling’ Kindles on trains! I’m impressed with you taking notes as I’m finding reviewing Kindle books difficult, exactly as you described.

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