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Fiction Expresss Monday : Falling Backwards by Jenny Ryan – Chapter 4.

Voting has closed over at Fiction Express for this week, so here’s what I thought about the latest chapter of Falling Backwards. Please be aware there are spoilers ahead for the chapter.

The vote this week saw Leah choosing to go with Efrain, and lying to Elena in the process. I really enjoyed seeing Leah trying to adjust to April’s 1990s wardrobe, I could picture the styles so clearly. Leah’s new found confidence and willingness to accept her situation and the opportunities it could give her is interesting, I hope that she continues to remember the mission that she’s on! I’m intrigued by the suggestion that Zaira and Efrain have a past together, I really hope we get to find out more about that in the weeks to come.

I was pleased when I saw there were only two options for the vote this week, thinking that would make it easier to choose. I’m not sure that it was actually any easier, but in the end I voted for Efrain to take April swimming whilst they waited for Jorge.

Chapter 5 will be going live this Friday, but the vote is open right over the festive period until 2nd January so my review of Chapter 5 will appear then once the voting is closed.

One thought on “Fiction Expresss Monday : Falling Backwards by Jenny Ryan – Chapter 4.

  1. Argh, I missed this chapter! I’ll catch up now, though I know I can’t vote. I’m glad I’ll have more time for the next one. Thanks for another great review, Jenni! 🙂

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