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Fiction Expresss Monday : Falling Backwards by Jenny Ryan – Chapter 3

Voting has closed over at Fiction Express for this week, so here’s what I thought about the latest chapter of Falling Backwards. Please be aware there are spoilers ahead for the chapter.

Pleasingly this week the vote went the way I’d voted, and Leah went to make amends with the Flores family and spent some time reading April’s diary. I thought it was interesting that Leah managed to persuade herself that it was okay to read the diary by considering it like a blog, and it was certainly good to get some of the back story to April and to begin to imagine how she might have made the mistakes that she mentioned to Leah on the plane. I also liked the way that actual events that took place in Mexico are being woven into the plot – I don’t know much about these events but I know I’ll be reading up about them at some point in the near future, I always like fiction throwing up new areas of fact for me to learn about. We met some more new characters this week, I particularly liked Dulce and hope we get to see more of her in future chapters.

This week’s vote was a bit tricky again, I really wanted to vote for them all! In the end I settled for voting that Leah should go with Elena and Raymundo.

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