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Fiction Expresss Monday : Falling Backwards by Jenny Ryan – Chapter 2

Voting has closed over at Fiction Express for this week, so here’s what I thought about the latest chapter of Falling Backwards. Please be aware there are spoilers ahead for the chapter.

The result of the first vote for Falling Backwards saw Leah choose to go with the old lady, Rosa. I was pretty happy to see that this option won, it was the other one that I was very tempted to vote for. It quickly turns out that Rosa is going to be an important character in the book – she is responsible for Leah being in April’s body back in 1994. I liked that we got to understand a little more about why Rosa has done this, and what she wants Leah to do. This chapter also introduced us briefly to a few more characters, I’m not entirely sure I like Jane or Zaira but then I think that’s probably intentional! I’m certainly intrigued by Efrain – I’m looking forward to getting to know him a little better over the coming chapters.

The vote was a tricky one this week, I thought there were pros and cons to each of the options. In the end I voted for Leah to stay at the Flores house and read April’s diary. I wonder which one will win the vote?

7 thoughts on “Fiction Expresss Monday : Falling Backwards by Jenny Ryan – Chapter 2

  1. I read the chapters on my phone. I think you could probably read it on the Kindle using the browser, though?

    I really enjoyed this chapter and it’s great to read your thoughts on it, Jenni! We voted differently… 🙂

    1. Ooh phone’s a good idea, I read very little on my phone so rarely think of it as an option.

      I’m not surprised we voted differently, when I came to write the review and looked at the options again I was almost wishing I’d picked a different one!

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