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Transworld Book Group – The Final Book.

By now I should have read and reviewed my final book for the Transworld Book Group reading challenge, but unfortunately things haven’t gone entirely to plan. Out of the four books that I’d chosen the one I was most intrigued by was this fourth book, The Obscure Logic of the Heart by Priya Basil. I’d read and enjoyed her Quick Read book Strangers on the 16:02 so I was looking forward to reading a full length novel by her. And the synopsis sounds great:

An epic Romeo and Juliet for the 21st century

In a bustling London café, Anil, now a famous architect, sits waiting for Lina. It is years since he last laid eyes on her, the love of his life.

Lina is running for the train – punctuality has never been her strength. After all this time she cannot be late to meet Anil.

Together, they think back to tragedies both personal and political, betrayals large and small. A past played out across three continents that house their rival worlds: Sikh and Muslim, wealthy and modest, liberal and orthodox, corrupt and moral….

Lina has one more revelation that must be shared with Anil. Might it unite them once and for all, or has it come too late?

I’ve picked it up a few times and got a few pages in but at the moment it’s just not working for me. I know that it’s nothing to do with the book, I go through phases where I find some books just too dense to get into. So I’m going to do what I know works, leave this to one side for a while and then come back to it. I know I will read it, and based on what little I have managed to read I’m pretty sure I’m going to really enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Transworld Book Group – The Final Book.

  1. I do this all the time. In fact, I was thinking of writing a blog post on all the books I ‘take a little break from’ as there are many. I’m a very emotional reader, so I swing between different books all the time. Plus, it sounds like you’ve got a LOT going on right now. Probably better to just give it a rest and not put too much pressure on yourself.

    1. I used to find it very hard to put a book to one side for a bit, but I’m learning to be better at it now. I like the sound of your blog post.

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