NaNoWriMo – The First Week.

I think I should probably have written this after yesterday’s writing and before today’s so that it was actually after the first 7 days not 8, but I didn’t so never mind. Yes it’s been one week of writing, and what a week it’s been.

On the first day I woke up to discover that people were already finishing writing for the day with word counts in the thousands. I quickly accepted that everyone works differently, settled down to write and for the first four days averaged 2,500 words which was what I was aiming at. I figure that if I aim at 2,500 words then that would have me hit the 50K mark in 20 days, leaving me 10 days where I didn’t manage to write anything. Good job too as Saturday and Sunday saw my parents visiting and no words written at all.

Today I passed the 15K mark, so I’m fully on schedule when it comes to NaNoWriMo. However I’m way behind schedule on things like blogging, uni reading and pleasure reading! I came close to having a minor meltdown over this, but have worked out a plan of action that I think might help in the next week.

My wall is filled with post it notes (turns out the odd surface is great for them to stick to). There’s one for each of the six major characters, one with the names of all of the characters I have so far, and then a mass of them covered in the questions and research points I’m coming up with as I write. Rather than go back each day and answer these I’m numbering them all and they’ll hopefully make the basis of the next stage after I finish this first very very rough draft.

One of the major issues I’m having is that I’ve chosen a small Welsh island to set my book on, but I’ve never been to this island so don’t know a lot of the specifics. Unfortunately, thought quite understandably, it isn’t covered by Google Streetview so I’m working at the moment from basic maps. The island has a real assortment of buildings in varying states of decay on it, and quite an involved history so one thing I know for sure is that next year once the boats start sailing again next Spring I’m going to need a visit!

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – The First Week.

  1. There must be some websites about the island. I love your post it not idea. I should do that really. I am just following a basic storyline and hoping for the best.

    1. There are indeed, I’m using them all a lot along with the Celtic Studies section of the uni library! The post it notes are helping me to get on board with it not mattering how bad what I’m writing is (and trust me, it’s so bad).

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