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Review : We Love This Book Issue 2.

We Love This Book is the new, quarterly consumer book magazine, published by The Bookseller Group, alerting readers to exciting new books and providing a platform for publishers to reach readers in an imaginative and engaged way.

The first issue of We Love This Book was published in the summer and I was pleased to discover that it was pretty much exactly what I wanted from a magazine about books – a good blend of articles and reviews that spanned genres and age bands. Having got the first issue right I looked forward to seeing what the second issue would bring.

The opening section contains a number of gems including an article about Ranulph Fiennes’ Desert Island Books, a summary of key news events with lists of books relevant to them and some delicious looking recipes from Dan Lepard’s Short & Sweet. In addition there are brief features on nature, travel and more – something for every reader.

The features section in this issue again cover a wide range of interests. I found Mark Lawson’s interview Jeffrey Eugenides really interesting, and it has completely whet my appetite for Eugenides’ third book The Marriage Plot. I also liked the article by Erin Morgenstern, author of The Night Circus which I’ve been seeing some great buzz for online. My favourite feature though was the five page article by John Harris about Music Biography, I thought it was really interesting and like the inclusion of a couple of mini interviews and a list of landmark books within the genre.

The review section left me adding a number of books to my wishlist, I particularly like the way that some reviews have a little icon indicating that there is more content on the We Love This Book website – this seems like a good way to keep the magazine concise but not short change the reader. There are also far more reviews online than the ones they can fit into the magazine.

The final section of the magazine is devoted to publishing for children. It starts with two excellent features, one on pop up books and one on dragons in children’s literature. There are then reviews organised by age, again my wishlist has grown a little more!

I think that this second issue of We Love This Book was even better than its excellent first issue. The magazine is available for free via independent bookshops and libraries, you can search for a stockist on the website here. Alternatively you can subscribe for the pretty reasonable rate of £8.95 for four issues (one year’s worth).

Whilst I was provided with a copy of the magazine to review all of the opinions expressed are my own.

2 thoughts on “Review : We Love This Book Issue 2.

  1. Ooh. I’ve never really thought about a bookish magazine (I’m not much of a magazine reader in general) but it does look quite interesting. I shall have a look out for it!

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