Weekly Round Up : Weeks 3 and 4.

I was away last weekend, and due to public transport issues didn’t make it home until Monday so I thought I’d wait and do a double round up this week.

Collection Management.
Week 3 saw a lecture on adapting collection management or development policies to include digital resources. We started however on looking at the arguments for and against having such a policy, we were given an article on each side to read and then discuss. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for anyone to get to the end of either article and so the discussion didn’t really get us very far.

Week 4 was a week without a lecture so that we had time to devote to reading towards our essay title:

Discuss the arguments for and against a library or information unit creating a written Collection Development Policy.

We have a word count of 1500 words which is not a lot for the topic, I’ve got lots of ideas and know that I now need to start narrowing down what I can and can’t include.

Information and Society.
Week 3 saw the lecture unfortunately cancelled, but we’d already covered part of the material and the lecturer has rearranged the rest of the teaching so that everything gets covered. Week 4 as a result saw us learning about “State, Citizen and Privacy” covering all sorts of interesting ground. It was really interesting to hear other people’s opinions on some of the issues such as the surveillance society. From a personal perspective this is probably the lecture where I would be most reluctant to speak up, but I disagreed on a couple of things that people were saying and bit the bullet so left feeling like I’d done okay.

Web Publishing.
No lectures in the last fortnight for this, the next teaching session is in week 7.

Information Retrieval.
Week 3’s lecture was on interfaces and the user. It was really interesting, and involved us using both Lego and K’Nex briefly which is a sure fire way to keep me interested! There was a lot from this that I wanted to follow up on and read more about, but I haven’t managed it yet. I’m going to try and do it in the next few days or I’ll devote a good chunk out of reading week to this module.

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