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Fiction Express Monday : Rémy Brunel and the Ocean Of Light Chapter 7.

Okay so the title of this post isn’t strictly accurate this week seeing as it’s Tuesday rather than Monday. I suddenly realised just after 1 o’clock this morning that I’d completely forgotten to post this and as it was already Tuesday I figured I’d sort it out after I’d slept rather than doing it there and then. So here’s my slightly belated thoughts on the latest chapter of Sharon Gosling’s Rémy Brunel and the Ocean of Light. Please be aware there are spoilers ahead for the chapter.

I was really pleased with the reveal that it was The Professor who was standing in front of Rémy and even more happy to discover that he wasn’t a secret villain. This week saw the introduction of Desai, another interesting new character. I thought it was clever to have him know about the curse, I really enjoyed reading about it and discovering more about the world this book is set in. Finding out what the curse means for Rémy made me feel quite sad for her, I want her to break it even more now.

This week’s vote was, I think, the hardest one yet. I looked intently at my screen hoping that a third option would appear but it didn’t. In the end I voted for Abernathy’s men being behind the raid.

What did you think of the new chapter? Do you agree with my choice?

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