Book Review

Fiction Express Monday : Rémy Brunel and the Ocean Of Light Chapter 5.

Voting’s closed over at Fiction Express for this week so it’s time for me to share my thoughts on the latest chapter of Sharon Gosling’s Rémy Brunel and the Ocean of Light. Please be aware there are spoilers ahead for the chapter.

This week the chapter began with Thaddeus agreeing to listen to Rémy’s story, and taking her and J back to the Professor’s. I really liked the discussion between Thaddeus and Rémy, we really got a sense of the unease they’re both feeling and how suspicious they are of each other. I thought that the Professor’s mediation worked really well, he’s a character I’m liking more and more each week. We got a new plot line introduced this week, Abernathy is cooking up something dreadful in a set of mines under the city and children are going missing. I’m looking forward to seeing how this twists in with the jewel thievery.

This week I found the vote really hard – should I vote for just one character to fall into the machine? If so who should I pick? In the end I voted for them all to fall into the machine. I’m really looking forward to seeing the result of this one.

What did you think of the new chapter? Do you agree with my choice?

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