Book Review

Book Review : Tessa’s Pride by Olivia Brynn

Two years after leaving home to make his own fortune, Joshua Bradley has finally returned to the Bradley Equine Ranch—and to Tessa McCade, the sexy ranch manager with whom he shared a single steamy tryst.

Tessa now owns the ranch like she’s always dreamed—but it’s in trouble. Dozens of horses have been lost and she’s on the brink of bankruptcy. To save his family’s business, Josh offers to buy it from her…and share the ranch house with her once again.

Tessa chafes at needing Josh’s help, but she’s never forgotten the taste of pleasure Josh gave her so long ago. Soon, neither of them can resist the desire mounting between them, and unleash a passion that is even more powerful than Tessa’s pride…

I’d heard about Carina Press and was interested to see what their books were like, so I was really pleased when they appeared on NetGalley and I got a chance to have a look at one.

The plot initially seems pretty simple – a story of damsel in distress, in comes a knight in shining armour to save her and after fighting the attraction between them she gives in and swoons at his feet. Just as I was about to dismiss the book as complete fluff however a twist came that changed my opinion of the book for the better.

In places the plot did take a back seat to the sex, whilst I had expected there to be sex in the book (the cover gave a strong hint of this) I wasn’t really expecting there to be quite as much as there was, particularly considering the slim size of the novella. It was at least pretty well written, I’m just not sure it was all needed for the book.

I liked Tessa, she was written as a strong and determined woman fighting for her place within a male dominated world. I found that I could identify with her, and liked her determination. I liked Josh, but I wasn’t as swept away by him as I wanted to be.

Overall I enjoyed this book, it was a quick and fairly entertaining read. I like the fact that Carina Press is publishing novellas in eBook form, I’ll certainly be giving a few more a go I think.

Tessa’s Pride is published as an eBook by Carina Press in the UK priced $3.99. Whilst I was provided with a review copy of the book via all of the opinions expressed are my own.

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