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Fiction Express Mondays : Chapter 11.

I can’t believe it’s already time to talk about the final chapters of the four brilliant Fiction Express books. I will discuss some of the things that happen in the chapters so be warned that if you haven’t read the chapters yet there are spoilers ahead.

Diary of A Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja.
The final chapter opened with plenty of giggles as Molly ended up covering herself and Jasper in red paint. I loved the discussion between the two of them, I could picture it so clearly. Art Boy’s reveal took me completely by surprise, and I cheered when Molly dumped the paint over him (I also laughed a lot when his name was revealed). I felt more and more content as I read the chapter, seeing all the pieces falling into place at last for Molly both with Jasper and with Wendy and Ameera. I thought that everything tied together really well.

Soul Shadows by Alex Woolf.
This chapter certainly started with the same sort of tension I’ve come to expect, the decision for Becker to go and diffuse the bomb seemed the most logical but the wait to see if he was successful was most definitely stressful. I was so relieved when Dr Kirby arrived, though that was so short lived! I never expected him to be part of the whole situation, I was surprised by how utterly let down I felt! I was thrilled to be able to cheer for the heroism of Jetho once more, and his and Shadow-Estelle’s final decision left me misty-eyed. I really liked the ending, it certainly felt fitting for the story.

The Soterion Mission by Stewart Ross.
The final chapter began by focussing on Taja, and once more explored her vulnerability. I liked the way that even though it was the final chapter the world building continued, I found it interesting seeing how Alba varied from the other two differing groups of Constants. The reveal of the vote was as devastating as I expected, as was the discovery of Taja’s fate. I was so pleased that Timur was finally defeated, as was only right. The final pages of Roxy’s story were incredibly emotional and the last page left me in floods of tears, particularly that killer last line.

The Last Symbol by Rebecca Morton.
The chapter started with the reveal that it was Aster and a group of Officials who disturbed Miko’s initiation, Aster’s actions only reinforced my idea that I disliked him. A lot. The rapid pace of Aster’s attempted coup interspersed with the Blues thinking Miko had betrayed them had me trying to read faster and faster so I could find out what happens. I loved that Drina came to Miko’s rescue, and that he and his mother worked together to navigate the computer. I really liked Miko’s plan, I only wish I could carry on reading and see how the rebuilding of their society worked.

It has been an amazing 11 weeks, reading and voting on these four wonderful books. They’ve made me laugh and cry, and at times feel nervous about clicking through to read the next page. I’d like to thank Fiction Express for the idea of weekly eFiction and the four authors for writing stories that have made me spend each week looking forward to the next chapters!

10 thoughts on “Fiction Express Mondays : Chapter 11.

  1. Really appreciate your warm and perceptive comments, Jenni. Sorry it had to end in tears – but that final tragedy had always been looming, hadn’t it? If it’s any consolation, author was weeping, too.
    Thank you for 11 weeks of generous support.

  2. A humungous thanks from the FE team for all of your fabulous support over the last 11 weeks Jenni.
    I can’t believe these books are over either *sniffle*! But I really hope you enjoy our new e-book, Rémy Brunel and the Ocean of Light, as much as you have enjoyed these first four titles. 🙂
    Thanks once again, Mez @ FE

    1. Thanks, it’s been a really enjoyable experience for me too. I’m really looking forward to the new book, I’ve read the first chapter and it looks like it’s going to be great.

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