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Fiction Express Mondays : Chapter 8.

Voting has closed over at the Fiction Express website so it’s time for me to share my thoughts about the new chapters. Please be aware I discuss some of the things that happen in the chapters and the voting choices so if you haven’t read the chapters yet there are spoilers ahead.

Diary of A Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja.
The chapter this week continued on at Liam’s party. There was no grand revelation by Ameera, instead the vote saw Liam finding Molly and Jasper hidden away together. This came after Wendy had locked them in the attic so they could sort out whatever it was that was wrong between them – I liked that they decided to start afresh and actually appeared to be on the same page about their fledgling relationship. The chapter was full of more romantic wranglings with different characters’ feelings changing rapidly. It seems that things have the potential to stabilise now – I wonder which pairing will have another change of heart! Molly’s mum’s slightly erratic behaviour returned to the fore in this chapter, for once I’d actually guessed right what was going on. I liked Molly’s ideas for taking revenge on her mum’s former employers – it was nice to see her being so protective of her mother. Overall this was another thoroughly enjoyable chapter.

Soul Shadows by Alex Woolf.
The readers last week went for the fairly bold choice of allowing Shadow-Carl to change the mast so that it emitted the friendly radiation. My delight at his success was unfortunately short-lived when the Blackshirts arrived to stop them. I was pleased to discover that the police weren’t in on it, but I was unsurprised when Derek revealed that he had intercepted them – I really felt Estelle’s frustration with the situation. When the solution came in the shape of the brilliantly named Jethro I wanted to cheer. I love the way the reader still feels so unsure about who to trust in this story, I think it allows us to get a better idea of how Estelle and Sandor must feel. When I got to the decision for where next week’s chapter should go I honestly did not know which option to pick.

The Soterion Mission by Stewart Ross.
The decision was made that our friendly bunch of Constants should try to make their way across the bridge. I liked Roxanne’s plan for how to deal with Jumshid, and when it was revealed later that it was inspired by Peter Pan I liked it even more. Whilst it was right that Jumshid should be defeated I was a little sad to see him go, he was by far the most likeable of the Zeds. I continued to enjoy the way everything keeps going wrong for the Zeds, Timur seems to be suffering loss after loss. I’m a big fan of storytelling, so I really enjoyed that scene, particularly Roxanne’s realisation of what fiction is for. The ending of the chapter came as a bit of a surprise, but then it wouldn’t do for the Constants to have it too easy for long now would it?

The Last Symbol by Rebecca Morton.
The readers clearly had had enough of Hedley, they voted for him to die and Drina to return to Zenith to try and help Miko. I liked that she chose to be on his side, I’m all for sibling loyalty and support (plus as an older sister myself I know that this is how I would react). Poor Miko is in a horrible position, I liked the way he was trying to find a solution that suited everybody – I’m sure it’s this strength of character that caused him to be given the symbol in the first place. I began the chapter disliking Prophate for being so manipulative, as the chapter progressed I just thought he was more and more evil. Tyron continues to be hugely unpleasant, I liked watching Drina fool him, I only hope it pays off.

My choices for next week’s chapters are:

  • Diary of a Mall Girl – Molly should go to her mum’s old law firm.
  • Soul Shadows – Estelle should trust Robert Mitchell and agree to his plan.
  • The Soterion Mission – Timur should learn that within Alba there exists a group of citizens willing to work with anyone, even Zeds, prepared to help them unlock the secrets of the Soterion.
  • The Last Symbol – Drina should stick with the story she planned with Tyron.

What do you think? How did you vote?

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