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Ladies Who Love at Bromley Literary Festival.

I’ve got some pretty exciting news to share today. Acorn Independent Press are hosting the first ever Bromley Literary Festival this year and on 24th June I shall be hosting a panel as part of the Ladies Who Love day. I’m there representing Novelicious and will have the pleasure of leading a discussion between brilliant authors Dorothy Koomson, Victoria Fox, Julia Williams and Juliet Archer.

I’m really excited about this, I love that the organisers have chosen to devote a day of the event to celebrate romantic fiction so I’m thrilled that I’m getting to be a part of it. The idea is naturally a little daunting, public speaking has never been my favourite thing to do but I decided when I started this degree that I was going to get over my fear of it. I’ve done a couple of presentations over the course of the year and learnt that I’m actually fine at speaking in public, I just wind myself up unnecessarily in the build up. Every time I get nervous about this I’m going to remind myself of this – hopefully by the time the day comes round I shall be completely chilled and calm.

The line up for the whole festival can be seen here, there are some fab events – if I lived closer to Bromley I think I’d be going to quite a few of them.

4 thoughts on “Ladies Who Love at Bromley Literary Festival.

  1. This does sound exciting, well done; and the great thing is that you’ll be talking to people who actually want to hear what you have to say. That has to make it easier, right?

    1. Thank you. And yes I think you’re absolutely right. Plus I only have to ask the questions and let the authors do the discussions 🙂

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