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Fiction Express Mondays : Chapter 5.

Voting has closed over at the Fiction Express website so it’s time for me to share my thoughts about the new chapters. Please be aware I discuss some of the things that happen in the chapters and the voting choices so if you haven’t read the chapters yet there are spoilers ahead.

Diary of A Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja.
Last week’s vote sent Molly on a double date with Jamie, Wendy and Liam. In the week leading up to the date her friendship with Ameera was restored, and she spent lots of time having girly fun with her and Wendy – I liked seeing the girls back on a somewhat even keel again even if I have a feeling it won’t last. Jasper and Jewel continue to be mysterious, with Jewel set to return from wherever she has been I hope we’ll start to get some answers soon. I thought adding Tasha into the date situation worked really well, I’m looking forward to seeing how the four all react to her behaviour.

Soul Shadows by Alex Woolf.
I was glad to see that this week Estelle and Sandor went to the village to try and find Carl, the action recommended by Barbara in last week’s chapter. I liked that we got to know more about the soul shadows and how they came to be, it felt pretty believable. I certainly wasn’t expecting the twist of the surprise that Carl had for Estelle and Sandor, I should know by now to expect anything in this book! I like the way the relationship between Estelle and Sandor is growing, I like the fact that it’s complicated – to me this feels very genuine.

The Soterion Mission by Stewart Ross.
After last week’s difficult vote I was pleased to see that Corby the dog survived and the travelling band of Constants weren’t going to have to live in isolation for a month. I could understand their reluctance to stay and lose their weapons, and I was quite surprised at the lengths the Children of Gova were prepared to go to in order to prevent them leaving. I like the fact that the Children of Gova appear to be almost cult like – this adds a whole new layer of peril for the group I’ve come to love. The Zeds sent by Timor to destroy the bridge also got some good coverage in this chapter, I liked the interactions between Sheza and Jumshid even if some of their actions were harder to like.

The Last Symbol by Rebecca Morton.
This week saw Miko deciding to return to Zenith, and the Blues making the arrangements to ensure his return was as controlled and safe as it could be. Whilst this was happening Drina was starting her life in the SFDU and discovering that Miko was their number one target and the truth of what it was that her father does. The more I read the more I find myself worrying for both Miko and Drina, it seems as though their stories are going to join up again – I’m not sure whether this will be good for them or not though.

Unfortunately due to this weekend being spent moving out of my halls of residence for the summer I didn’t make it in time to make my votes count. Here’s how I would have voted though:

  • Diary of a Mall Girl – Molly should go back to Liam to continue the night out.
  • Soul Shadows – They should try to open the tomb and make multiple soul shadows of the corpse to send into battle against the soul shadows upstairs.
  • The Soterion Mission – The fight should end that having pushed Sheza into the river, where he is devoured by waiting crocodiles, Jumshid proceeds upstream.
  • The Last Symbol – Sergeant Xenon should get Miko and Lok out of the Military compound to find a safe house.

What do you think? How did you vote?

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