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Fiction Express Mondays.

It’s been a busy weekend for Fiction Express, Friday saw the website go live and people begin to download the first chapters of the four books. It also saw voting open for where readers want the chapters to go next – I had to think really hard about a couple of them, but I placed my votes for all four books.

I’m still really excited about this project and I can’t wait for Friday so that I can download the new chapters and see what’s going to happen next. I’ve decided I want to keep blogging about Fiction Express, so this is the first of my new Fiction Express Mondays.

From next week every Monday I will post a review of the four new chapters, and I’ll tell you how I voted on each one. I’ll do it after voting closes so I can’t influence anyone who hasn’t yet voted.

So to start off with, here’s how I voted last week:

  • Diary of A Mall Girl – I voted that Molly should go to Liam’s party
  • Soul Shadows – I voted that Estelle should escape through the French windows
  • The Soterion Mission – I voted that Roxanne should get her nine votes and an armed escort for her mission
  • The Last Symbol – I voted that Miko should attempt to cut out his chip

What do you think? How did you vote?

8 thoughts on “Fiction Express Mondays.

  1. I think we agreed on only one! Actually, I wanted my Roxanne to be ok but to find her own way to continued the mission with a bit of help from admirer Cyrus and a bit of hindrance from Taja! Writing that now. Tricky but great fun. Hope you like the next one!

    1. It did take me a long long time to decide on them, for each I could eliminate one straight away but then found it so hard to pick between the two.

    1. I did um and ah for a while about whether to say how I voted, but in the end I decided I would. Secretive is good, it all adds to the effect 🙂

  2. I’ll be secretive too – until the day when the readers choose the impossible option. Then you’ll hear the scream nationwide!
    BTW, how do you get your (fine) pix on your comments?

    1. It’s through Gravatar, if you click on the square you get instead of a photo it should take you to them to register.

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