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Book Review: Fiction Express part 2.

Today in my third post about exciting new book initiative Fiction Express I am going to review the opening chapters for the other two books, The Soterion Mission by Stewart Ross and The Last Symbol by Rebecca Morton.

The Soterion Mission opens with a great action scene, a girl is running from captors, seemingly for her life. I was hooked within the first couple of sentences, already wondering who she was, who she was running from and how had she ended up in the situation she was in. The rest of the chapter continues at a great pace, building an intriguing world and civilisation. The cliffhanger and the voting options for where the story should go next are perhaps the tensest of all of the four books – I can’t wait to see which is chosen and where the author takes the story next!

The Last Symbol opens with an intriguing scene, it’s Lok’s 13th birthday and he’s waiting for his destiny symbol to be revealed on his hand. This symbol will determine what role he takes within society, naturally some are more attractive options than others. Very quickly the story starts to twist, introducing the reader to the unfamiliar world in which Lok and his friend Miko live. I really liked the way the chapter was written, again I’m curious to see which option for the next chapter will be the most popular with the voters – I’m not quite sure which one I’d pick.

All four of the Fiction Express titles have really strong opening chapters. I’m certainly going to be downloading the second chapters of each of them, and I’m pretty confidant I’ll be back each week to get the further instalments. If I wasn’t excited about this new way of delivering book content before, I certainly am now.

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