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Book Review: Fiction Express part 1.

Yesterday I told you all about the new initiative Fiction Express which launches on Friday. Today I am going to review the opening chapters for two of the books, Diary of a Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja and Soul Shadows by Alex Woolf.

Diary of a Mall Girl starts by introducing Molly, a teenager who lives in an apartment adjacent to a huge shopping mall. The chapter is written as entries in Molly’s diary, I loved this because it means you get a really good idea of who Molly is, she writes in a completely no holds barred fashion. The reader gets to meet the other members of Molly’s family and some of her friends in this opening chapter and to see them through Molly’s eyes. The tension builds through the later part of the chapter and it ends on a great opening cliffhanger – I really want to know what happens next!

Soul Shadows is telling the story of Estelle. When the chapter starts Estelle is spending a week on her own in a remote cottage. She’s been sent there by her psychologist as exposure therapy, trying to deal with traumatic events in her past. Shortly after her getting settled things start to seem a little strange, by the time I reached the end of the chapter I was getting close to being on the edge of my seat – I was so disappointed when I ran out of pages to read! This definitely has a dark and creepy feel, I hope it continues in the same way. Estelle is an intriguing character, I definitely want to know more about her.

I really enjoyed both of these opening chapters and I shall definitely be waiting for the next instalments of both books on 13th May! Make sure you come back tomorrow to see what I thought about the opening chapters to the other two Fiction Express titles.

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