Book Review

Book Review : Blind Faith by Michael Schneider.

Blind Faith is a romantic suspense novel set in modern day east Texas. Small town life has taken an unexpected turn for the sheltered Karsyn McKenna. Caught in a web of deception and lies that has led to murder, she must choose between Chase Carter, a local rancher who is secretly in love with her and Gabriel Thompson, the mysterious new stranger in town.

Will blind faith be Karsyn McKenna’s salvation or her destruction?

When Karsyn gets together with Gabe, her father’s new employee Chase, her long time friend, is very unhappy. When Karsyn discovers Gabe in bed with another woman Chase is there waiting and ready to pick up the pieces. He whisks her away and upon discovering that she is pregnant with Gabe’s baby marries her and agrees to bring up the child as his own. This is a book filled with intrigue, and over time the gloss of Chase’s knight in shining armour act begins to fade and the plot twists and turns.

I found Karsyn to be a likeable character though she was incredibly naive and over trusting. At times I did find myself wondering whether anyone could be quite that naive. I found Chase to be sinister from the start, I think my default setting is cynical so from the offset I was questioning his every move.

The first part of the book didn’t really grab me, it was a slow start and I could easily have put it down and not returned to it. As the book progressed however I became more and more engaged with it, the plot picked up and what had started as a fairly basic story became wonderfully tense and twisty. I’m very glad I didn’t give up on it, I’d have missed out on a good read.

Blind Faith is published in paperback by The Writer’s Coffee Shop in the UK priced $13.99 (ebook available at $7.99). Whilst I was provided with a review copy of the book all of the opinions expressed are my own.

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