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Book Review : More Than A Mistress by Mary Balogh.

When Jane Ingleby interrupts a duel in London’s Hyde Park, Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham, gets shot, and Jane, late for work at a milliner’s workshop, loses her job. She is angry enough to demand a new job of Jocelyn, and he is angry enough to hire her – as his nurse. Her blue eyes are the sort a man could drown in – if it wasn’t for her imprudence. She questions his every move, breaches his secrets and touches his soul and soon the dangerous duke is offering her a different job – as his mistress.

Jane tries to keep it strictly business, an arrangement she is forced to accept in order to conceal a treacherous secret. Surely there is nothing more perilous than being the lover of such a man. Yet as she sees through his devilish facade and glimpses the noble heart within, she knows the greatest jeopardy of all is the rising passion that could tempt her to risk everything…

Whilst I have read women’s fiction for years now I have read very little historical fiction, it’s never been an area that I’ve been particularly interested in. The synopsis of More Than A Mistress grabbed my attention however and I was curious to give it a go.

The plot worked really well for me. Whilst it is essentially innocent girl meets attractive rogue and they fall in love despite their best efforts there is much more to it. Jane’s hiding quite a secret, as I started to discover it I found myself getting increasingly caught up in the plot and fearing that the happy ending I was hoping the couple would have might not happen after all.

I liked the character of Jane a lot. I liked the way that she stood up to Tresham, their sparring really entertained me. Tresham was also a very likeable character, it was clear from an early stage that there was more to him than the standoffish arrogant rake he was claiming to be. The minor characters were well created, I particularly enjoyed the scenes between Tresham and his male friends, I could have happily read more of this.

I enjoyed reading this book a lot, though at times I did find the prose to be a little fluffy for my liking. It didn’t put me off, and I would certainly read historical romance again based on this book. There is a second book in the series, No Man’s Mistress, I think I shall be adding it to my to read list.

More Than A MIstress is published in paperback by Piatkus in the UK from 7th April 2011 priced £7.99. Whilst I was provided with a review copy of the book all of the opinions expressed are my own.

9 thoughts on “Book Review : More Than A Mistress by Mary Balogh.

  1. Okay, I definitely want to read this one. I think I must be growing up or something terrible because despite the fact that you say this is “women’s fiction”, I really want to read it now. I should probably say that I don’t really read adult books. I may be 28 but I am a kid on the inside. Great review!

    1. I’m 28 too, and have been reading adult books for way too long. I’m actually now trying to increase the proportion of YA that I read, there’s so much amazing YA being written and I want to read it all.

    1. They are absolutely the sort of thing I’d have looked straight past until reading this book. Your reviews sound great, I shall definitely give them a go. Thank you 🙂

  2. Lucky I popped back. Now I have Eloisa James on my to read list too.

    You’re right about YA right now. There is so much fantastic fiction coming through all the time. But I am finding that there is some great adult stuff too. It’s an education.

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